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    (lower, lowest)
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    not high
  1. 1in or into a low position, not far above the ground to crouch/bend low a plane flying low over the town low-flying aircraft The sun sank lower toward the horizon.
  2. near bottom
  3. 2in or into a position near the bottom of something a window set low in the wall The candles were burning low.
  4. level
  5. 3(especially in compounds) at a level below what is usual or expected low-priced goods a low-powered PC a very low-scoring game
  6. sound
  7. 4not high; not loudly He's singing an octave lower than the rest of us. Can you turn the music lower—you'll wake the baby.
  8. Idioms
    high and low
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    everywhere I've searched high and low for my purse.
    lie low (informal)
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    to try not to attract attention to yourself
    sink so low, sink to something
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    to have such low moral standards that you do something very bad Stealing from your friends? How could you sink so low? I can't believe that anyone would sink to such depths.
    stoop so low (as to do something) (formal)
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    to drop your moral standards far enough to do something bad or unpleasant She was unwilling to believe anyone would stoop so low as to steal a ring from a dead woman's finger.
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