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/ˈlʌkʃəri; ˈlʌɡʒəri/
plural luxuries
1 [uncountable] the enjoyment of special and expensive things, particularly food and drinks, clothes, and surroundingsNow we'll be able to live in luxury for the rest of our lead a life of luxurya luxury hotelluxury goods2 [countable] a thing that is expensive and enjoyable but not essential synonym extravagancesmall luxuries like chocolate and flowersI love having a long, hot bath—it's one of life's little luxuries.It was a luxury if you had a washing machine in those days.A comfortable bed to sleep in is a luxury that we take for granted.3 [uncountable, singular] a pleasure or an advantage that you do not often have synonym indulgenceWe had the luxury of being able to choose from four good candidates for the job.IDIOM

in the lap of luxury

in easy, comfortable conditions, and enjoying the advantages of being rich
We spent two weeks in the hotel living in the lap of the lap of luxury
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