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    , NAmE//məˈtʊr//
    old maturer is occasionally used instead of more mature
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  1. 1(of a child or young person) behaving in a sensible way, like an adult Jane is very mature for her age. a mature and sensible attitude opposite immature
  2. fully grown
  3. 2(of a person, a tree, a bird, or an animal) fully grown and developed sexually mature a mature oak/eagle/elephant opposite immature Thesaurusoldelderly aged long-lived matureThese words all describe someone who or something that has lived for a long time or that usually lives for a long time.old having lived for a long time; no longer young:She's getting old—she'll be 75 next year.elderly (somewhat formal) used as a polite word for “old”:He is very busy caring for two elderly relatives.aged (formal) very old:Having aged relatives visiting you can be quite stressful.long-lived having a long life; lasting for a long time:Everyone in my family is exceptionally long-lived.mature used as a polite or humorous way of saying that somene is no longer young:clothes for the mature womanPatterns a(n) old/elderly/aged/long-lived/mature man/woman a(n) old/elderly/aged/mature gentleman/lady/couple
  4. wine/cheese
  5. 3developed over a period of time to produce a strong, rich flavor
  6. no longer young
  7. 4used as a polite or humorous way of saying that someone is no longer young clothes for the mature woman a man of mature years
  8. work of art
  9. 5created late in an artist's life and showing great understanding and skill
  10. insurance policy
  11. 6(business) ready to be paid
  13. Idioms
    on mature reflection/consideration (formal)
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    after thinking about something carefully and for a long time
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