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    (pl. media
    or mediums)
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  1. 1a way of communicating information, etc. to people the medium of radio/television electronic/audio-visual media Television is the modern medium of communication. A T-shirt can be an excellent medium for getting your message across. The plural in this meaning is usually media. see also mass media, media
  2. 2something that is used for a particular purpose English is the medium of instruction (= the language used to teach other subjects). Video is a good medium for learning a foreign language.
  3. 3the material or the form that an artist, a writer, or a musician uses the medium of paint/poetry/drama Watercolor is his favorite medium.
  4. 4(biology) a substance that something exists or grows in or that it travels through The bacteria were growing in a sugar medium.
  5. 5(mediums) a person who claims to be able to communicate with the spirits of dead people
  6. Idioms
    a/the happy medium
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    something that is in the middle between two choices or two ways of doing something She tried to strike a happy medium between making the questions too hard and making them too easy.
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