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1 [intransitive, transitive] to become or make something become liquid as a result of heatingThe snow showed no sign of melting.melting ice melt somethingThe sun had melted the snow.First, melt two ounces of butter. compare defrost, de-ice2 [intransitive, transitive] to become or to make a feeling, an emotion, etc. become gentler and less strongThe tension in the room began to melt. melt somethingHer trusting smile melted his heart.IDIOMS

butter wouldn't melt (in someone's mouth)

(informal) used to say that someone seems to be innocent, kind, etc. when they are not reallybutter wouldn't meltbutter wouldn't melt in mouth

melt in your mouth

(of food) to be soft and very good to eatThey serve steaks that just melt in your mouth.melt in your mouth

melt away


melt somethingaway

to disappear or make something disappear graduallyAt the first sign of trouble, the crowd melted away.melt away

melt somethingdown

to heat a metal or wax object until it is liquid, especially so that the metal or wax can be used to make something elseMany of the bronze statues were melted down and used to make weapons. related noun meltdownmelt down

melt into something

to gradually become part of something and therefore become difficult to seeOnce the introductions were made, she melted into the background.melt into
Usage noteUsage note: Cookingpreparingprepare a dish/a meal/a menu/dinner/the fishweigh out 4oz of sugar/the ingredientswash/rinse the lettuce/spinachchop/slice/dice the carrots/onions/potatoespeel the carrots/onion/potatoes/garlic/orangegrate a carrot/the cheese/some nutmegremove/discard the bones/seeds/skin/rind/peelblend/combine/mix (together) the flour and water/all the ingredientsbeat/whisk the cream/eggs/egg whitesknead/shape/roll (out) the doughcookingheat the oil in a frying panpreheat/heat the oven/the broilerbring to a boilstir constantly/gently with a wooden spoonreduce the heatsimmer gently for 20 minutes/until reduced by halfmelt the butter/chocolate/cheesedissolve the sugar in waterbrown the meat for 8-10 minutesdrain the pasta/the water from the pot/in a colander/in a strainermash the potatoes/banana/avocadoways of cookingcook food/fish/meat/rice/pasta/a Mexican dishbake (a loaf of) bread/a cake/a pie/potatoes/muffins/cookies/fishboil cabbage/potatoes/an egg/a hot dog/waterfry/deep-fry/stir-fry the chicken/vegetablesbroil meat/steak/chicken/sausagesroast potatoes/peppers/meat/chicken/beefsauté garlic/mushrooms/onions/potatoes/vegetablessteam rice/vegetables/spinach/asparagus/dumplingstoast bread/nutsmicrowave food/popcorn/a frozen dinner/a TV dinnerservingserve in a glass/on a bed of rice/with potatoesarrange the slices on a plate/in layerscarve the meat/chicken/turkeydress/toss a saladdress with/drizzle with olive oil/vinaigrettetop with a slice of lemon/a scoop of ice cream/whipped cream/syrupgarnish with a sprig of parsley/fresh basil leaves/lemon wedges/a slice of lime/a twist of orangesprinkle with salt/sugar/herbs/parsley/freshly ground black pepper