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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they milk
    he / she / it milks
    past simple milked
    -ing form milking
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  1. 1milk something to take milk from a cow, goat, etc.
  2. 2(disapproving) to obtain as much money, advantage, etc. for yourself as you can from a particular situation, especially in a dishonest way milk A (from B) She's milked a small fortune from the company over the years. milk B (of A) She's milked the company of a small fortune. I know he's had a hard time lately, but he's certainly milking it for all it's worth (= using it as an excuse to do things that people would normally object to).
  3. Idioms
    milk/suck somebody/something dry
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    to get from someone or something all the money, help, information, etc. they have, usually giving nothing in return By earning millions from racing and giving pennies back, the bookmakers are sucking the sport dry.
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