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    title/form of address
  1. 1Miss used before the family name, or the first and family name, of a woman who is not married, in order to speak or write to her politely That's all, thank you, Miss Lipman. compare Mrs., MS
  2. 2Miss a title given to the winner of a beauty contest in a particular country, town, etc. Miss California the Miss America contest
  3. 3Miss (informal) used especially by men to address a young woman when they do not know her name Will that be all, Miss?
  4. 4Miss used before a woman's first name, to speak to her politely, especially in the southern U.S. How are you, Miss Ellie?
  5. 5Miss (informal) (humorous) used before a description as a humorous name for a woman with that quality Carol is such a Miss Know-it-all—she has an answer for everything.
  6. 6(old-fashioned) a girl or young woman
  7. not hit, catch, etc.
  8. 7a failure to hit, catch, or reach something He hit twelve in a row without a miss. see also near miss
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