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connected with money, especially all the money in a country monetary policy/growth an item of little monetary value closer North American political, monetary, and economic union Thesauruseconomicfinancial commercial monetary fiscalThese words all describe activities or situations that are connected with the use of money, especially by a business or country.economic connected with the trade, industry, and development of wealth of a country, an area, or a society:This book deals with the social, economic, and political issues of the connected with money and finance:She had gotten into financial difficulties. Tokyo is a major financial center.commercial connected with the buying and selling of goods and services:We rent both commercial and residential properties.monetary (formal or finance) connected with money, especially all the money in a country:The Federal Reserve Bank controls monetary policy in the U.S.fiscal (finance) connected with government or public money, especially taxes:The fiscal year begins in July.Patterns economic/financial/commercial/monetary/fiscal affairs/decisions the economic/financial/commercial/fiscal climate the economic/financial/commercial side of something an economic/financial/commercial center
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