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1 [uncountable] what you earn by working or selling things, and use to buy thingsto borrow/save/spend/earn moneyHow much money is there in my account?The money is much better in my new job.If the item is not satisfactory, you will get your money back.We'll need to raise more money (= collect or borrow it) next year.Can you lend me some money until tomorrow?Be careful with that —it cost a lot of money.2 [uncountable] coins or paper notesI counted the money carefully.Where can I change my money into dollars? see also funny money, paper money, ready money3 [uncountable] a person's wealth including their propertyHe lost all his money.The family made their money in the 18th century.4 moneys or monies [plural] (old use or law) sums of moneya statement of all monies paid into your accounthelp You will find other compounds ending in money at their place in the alphabet.IDIOMS

be in the money

(informal) to have a lot of money to spendbe in the money

be rolling in money/it

(informal) to have a lot of moneybe rolling in moneybe rolling in it

the best that money can buy

the very best
We make sure our clients get the best that money can buy.the best that money can buy

careful with money

not spending money on unimportant things
His mother had always been careful with money.careful with money

easy money

money that you get without having to work very hard for it
easy money

a fool and his money are soon parted

(saying) a person who is not sensible usually spends money too quickly or carelessly, or is cheated by othersa fool and his money are soon parted

for my money

(informal) in my opinionFor my money, he's one of the greatest comedians of all time.for my money

get your money's worth

to get enough value or enjoyment out of something, considering the amount of money, time, etc. that you are spending on it
Let's spend all day there and really get our money's worth.get your money's worth

give someone a (good) run for their money

to make someone try very hard, using all their skill and effort, in order to beat you in a game or competition
give a run for their moneygive a good run for their money

good money

a lot of money; money that you earn with hard work
Thousands of people paid good money to watch the band perform.Don't waste good money on that!good money

have money to burn

to have so much money that you do not have to be careful with it
have money to burn

a license to print money

(disapproving) used to describe a business which makes a lot of money with little efforta license to print money

made of money

(informal) very richI'm not made of money, you know!made of money

make money

to earn a lot of money; to make a profit
The movie should make money.There's money to be made from tourism.make money

make/lose money hand over fist

to make/lose money very fast and in large quantities
make money hand over fistlose money hand over fist

marry money

to marry a rich person
marry money

money doesn't grow on trees

(saying) used to tell someone not to use something or spend money carelessly because you do not have a lot of itmoney doesn't grow on trees

money is no object

money is not something that needs to be considered, because there is plenty of it available
She travels around the world as if money is no is no object

money, price, etc. is no object

used to say that you are willing to spend a lot of money
He always travels first class—money is no, price, etc. is no object

money talks

(saying) people who have a lot of money have more power and influence than othersmoney talks

not for love or/nor money

if you say you cannot do something for love nor money, you mean it is completely impossible to do it
We couldn't find a taxi for love nor money.not for love or moneynot for love nor money

on the money

correct; accurate
His prediction was right on the money.on the money

put money into something

to invest money in a business or a particular project
We would welcome interest from anyone prepared to put money into the club.put money into

put your money on someone/something

1 to bet that a particular horse, dog, etc. will win a race2 to feel very sure that something is true or that someone will succeedHe'll be there tonight. I'd put money on it.put your money on

put your money where your mouth is

(informal) to support what you say by doing something practical; to show by your actions that you really mean somethingput your money where your mouth is

see the color of someone's money

(informal) to make sure that someone has enough money to pay for somethingYou need to see the color of his money before you sell him the car.see the color of money

throw good money after bad

(disapproving) to spend more money on something, when you have wasted a lot on it alreadythrow good money after bad

throw your money around

(informal) to spend money in a careless and obvious waythrow your money around

throw money at something

(disapproving) to try to deal with a problem or improve a situation by spending money on it, when it would be better to deal with it in other waysIt is inappropriate simply to throw money at these problems.throw money at
Usage noteUsage note: moneycash change billsThese are all words for money in the form of coins or paper money in the form of coins or paper notes: I counted the money carefully. Where can I change my money into dollars? paper money(= money that is made of paper, not coins)cash money in the form of coins or paper notes: How much cash do you have on you? Payments can be made by credit card or in or cash?If it is important to contrast money in the form of coins and notes and money in other forms, use cash: How much money/cash do you have on you? Payments can be made by credit card or in money. Customers are offered a discount if they pay money.change the money that you get back when you have paid for something giving more money than the amount it costs; coins rather than paper money: The ticket machine doesn't give change. I don't have any small change(= coins of low value).bills paper money rather than coins: The machine only accepts small bills (= $20 or less).patternsto get (out)/take out/withdraw money/cashready money/cash (= money that you have available to spend immediately)small change/bills