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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they mount
    he / she / it mounts
    past simple mounted
    -ing form mounting
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    go up something
  1. 1[transitive] mount something (formal) to go up something, or up on to something that is raised synonym ascend She slowly mounted the steps. He mounted the platform and addressed the crowd.
  2. increase
  3. 2[intransitive] to increase gradually Pressure is mounting on the government to change the law. The death toll continues to mount. see also mounting
  4. picture/jewel, etc.
  5. 3[transitive] mount something (on/onto/in something) to put something into position on something, so that you can use it, look at it, or study it The specimens were mounted on slides. The diamond is mounted in gold.
  6. organize
  7. 4[transitive] mount something to organize and begin something synonym arrange to mount a protest/campaign/an exhibition
  8. bicycle/horse
  9. 5[transitive, intransitive] mount (something) to get on a bicycle, horse, etc. in order to ride it He mounted his horse and rode away. opposite dismount, mounted
  10. of male animal
  11. 6[transitive] mount something to get onto the back of a female animal in order to have sex
  12. Phrasal Verbsmount up
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