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  1. 1sounds that are arranged in a way that is pleasant or exciting to listen to. People sing music or play it on instruments pop/dance/classical/church music to listen to music She could hear music playing somewhere. It was a charming piece of music. the popularity of Mozart's music He wrote the music but I don't know who wrote the words. The poem has been set to music. Every week they get together to make music (= to play music or sing). see also chamber music, country music, rock music
  2. 2the art of writing or playing music to study music a career in music music lessons the music business/industry
  3. 3the written or printed signs that represent the sounds to be played or sung in a piece of music Can you read music (= understand the signs in order to play or sing a piece of music)? I had to play it without the music. The music was still open on the piano (= the paper or book with the musical notes on it). see also sheet music
  4. Idioms
    face the music (informal)
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    to accept and deal with criticism or punishment for something you have done The others all ran off, leaving me to face the music.
    music to your ears
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    news or information that you are very pleased to hear
Topic CollocationsMusiclistening listen to/enjoy/love/ (informal) be into music/classical music/jazz/pop/hip-hop, etc. listen to the radio/an MP3 player/a CD put on/play a CD/a song/some music turn down/up the music/radio/volume/bass go to a concert/festival/gig/performance/recital copy/burn/rip music/a CD/a DVD download music/an album/a song/a demo/a videoplaying play a musical instrument/the piano/percussion/a note/a riff/the melody/a concerto/a duet/by ear sing an anthem/a ballad/a solo/an aria/the blues/in a choir/soprano/alto/tenor/bass/out of tune hum a tune/a theme song/a lullaby accompany a singer/choir strum a chord/guitarperforming form/start/join/quit/leave a band (informal) get/put a band together give a performance/concert/recital do a concert/recital/gig play a concert/gig/festival/venue perform a concert/(live) in concert appear at a festival/live go on/embark on a (world) tourrecording write/compose music/a ballad/a melody/a tune/a song/a theme song/an opera/a symphony land/get/sign a record deal be signed to/be dropped by a record company record/release/put out an album/a single/a CD be on top of/top the charts get to/go straight to/go straight in at/enter the charts at number one
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