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    (nearer, nearest)
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  1. 1at a short distance away A bomb exploded somewhere near. She took a step nearer. Visitors came from near and far.
  2. 2a short time away in the future The exams are drawing near.
  3. 3(especially in compounds) almost a near-perfect performance I'm as near certain as can be.
  4. Idioms as accurately as There were about 3 ,000 people there, as near as I could judge.
    not anywhere near/nowhere near
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    far from; not at all The job doesn't pay anywhere near enough for me.
    pretty much/near/well (informal)
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    almost; almost completely One dog looks pretty much like another to me. He goes out pretty well every night. The first stage is pretty near finished.
    so near and yet so far
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    used to comment on something that was almost successful, but in fact failed
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