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  1. 1[uncountable] a type of material that is made of string, thread, or wire twisted or tied together, with small spaces in between see also fishnet, netting
  2. 2[countable] (especially in compounds) a piece of net used for a particular purpose, such as catching fish or covering something fishing nets a mosquito net (= used to protect you from mosquitoes ) see also hairnet, safety net
  3. 3the net [singular] (in sports) the frame covered in net that forms the goal to kick the ball into the back of the net
  4. 4the net [singular] (in tennis, etc.) the piece of net between the two players that the ball goes over She hit her second serve straight into the net.
  5. 5the Net (also the net) (informal) = Internet
  6. Idioms
    cast your net wide
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    to consider a lot of different people, activities, possibilities, etc. when you are looking for something It's worth casting your net wide when applying for your first job.
    slip through the net
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    when someone or something slips through the net, an organization or a system fails to find them and deal with them We tried to contact all former students, but one or two slipped through the net.
    spread your net
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    to consider a wide range of possibilities or cover a large area, especially to try to find someone or something They have spread their net far and wide in the search for a new team coach.
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