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  1. 1a complicated system of roads, lines, tubes, nerves, etc. that cross each other and are connected to each other a rail/road/canal network a network of veins
  2. 2a closely connected group of people, companies, etc. that exchange information, etc. a communications/distribution network a network of friends
  3. 3(computing) a number of computers and other devices that are connected together so that equipment and information can be shared The office network allows users to share files and software, and to use a central printer. see also LAN, WAN
  4. 4a group of radio or television stations in different places that are connected and that broadcast the same programs at the same time
  5. Idioms
    the old-boy network (informal)
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    the practice of men who went to the same school using their influence to help each other at work or socially Recruiting staff used to be done by means of the old-boy network. see also good old boy
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