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    in disagreement/contest
  1. 1not supporting or helping either side in a disagreement, competition, etc. synonym impartial, unbiased Journalists are supposed to be politically neutral. I didn't take my father's or my mother's side; I tried to remain neutral.
  2. in war
  3. 2not belonging to any of the countries that are involved in a war; not supporting any of the countries involved in a war neutral territory/waters Switzerland was neutral during the war.
  4. without strong feeling
  5. 3deliberately not expressing any strong feeling “So you told her?” he said in a neutral tone of voice.
  6. color
  7. 4not very bright or strong, such as gray or light brown a neutral color scheme neutral tones
  8. chemistry
  9. 5neither acid nor alkaline
  10. electrical
  11. 6(abbreviation N.) having neither a positive nor a negative electrical charge the neutral wire in a plug see also gender-neutral
  13. Idioms
    on neutral ground/territory
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    in a place that has no connection with either of the people or sides who are meeting and so does not give an advantage to either of them We decided to meet on neutral ground.
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