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  1. 1in or into a position right beside someone or something We sat next to each other. Which Word?next / nearest (The)next means “after this/that one” in time or in a series of events, places, or people:When is your next appointment? Take a left at the next traffic light. Who’s next?(The)nearest means “closest” in space:Where’s the nearest grocery store? Notice the difference between the prepositions nearest to and next to:Janet’s sitting nearest to the window (= of all the people in the room). Sarah’s sitting next to the window (= right beside it).
  2. 2following in order or importance after someone or something Next to skiing my favorite sport is skating.
  3. 3almost Charles knew next to nothing about farming. The horse came next to last (= the one before the last one) in the race.
  4. 4in comparison with someone or something Next to her I felt like a fraud.
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