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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they nominate
    he / she / it nominates
    past simple nominated
    -ing form nominating
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  1. 1to formally suggest that someone be chosen for an important role, prize, position, etc. synonym propose nominate somebody (for something) She has been nominated for the presidency. nominate somebody (as) something nominate somebody + noun He was nominated (as) best actor. nominate somebody to do something I nominated Paul to take on the role of treasurer.
  2. 2to choose someone to do a particular job synonym appoint nominate somebody (to/as something) I have been nominated to the committee. nominate somebody to do something She was nominated to speak on our behalf.
  3. 3nominate something (as something) to choose a time, date, or title for something synonym select December 1 has been nominated as the day of the election.
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