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  1. 1typical, usual, or ordinary; what you would expect perfectly (= completely)normal Her temperature is normal. It's normal to feel tired after such a long trip. Divorce is complicated enough in normal circumstances, but this situation is even worse. Under normal circumstances, I would say “yes.” He should be able to lead a perfectly normal life. In the normal course of eventsI wouldn't go to that part of town. We are open during normal office hours. It is normal practice to inform someone if you want to leave early. My day began in the normal way, and then I received a very strange phone call.
  2. 2not suffering from any mental disorder People who commit such crimes aren't normal. opposite abnormal
  3. Idioms
    as per normal/usual (informal)
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    in the way that is normal or usual; as often happens Everyone blamed me, as per usual.
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