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    to remind you
  1. 1[countable] a short piece of writing to help you to remember something Please make a note of the dates. She made a mental note (= decided that she must remember) to ask Alan about it.
  2. short letter
  3. 2[countable] a short informal letter Just a quick note to say thank you for a wonderful evening. She left a note for Ben on the kitchen table.
  4. in book
  5. 3[countable] a short comment on a word or passage in a book a new edition of “Hamlet,” with explanatory notes See note 3, page 259. see also footnote
  6. information
  7. 4notes [plural] information that you write down when someone is speaking, or when you are reading a book, etc. He sat taking notes on everything that was said. Can I borrow your lecture notes?
  8. 5[countable, usually plural] information about a performance, an actor's career, a piece of music, etc. printed in a special book or on a CD case, DVD, etc. The liner notes include a short biography of the performers on this recording. The catalog contains detailed notes on each painting.
  9. in music
  10. 6[countable] a single sound of a particular length and pitch (= how high or low the sound is), made by the voice or a musical instrument; the written or printed sign for a musical note He played the first few notes of the tune. high/low notes
  11. quality
  12. 7[singular] note (of something) a particular quality in something, for example in someone's voice or the atmosphere at an event synonym air There was a note of amusement in his voice. The year ended on an optimistic note. On a more serious note (= speaking more seriously), On a slightly different note (= changing the subject slightly), let's talk about…
  13. official document
  14. 8[countable] an official document with a particular purpose a sick note from your doctor The buyer has to sign a delivery note as proof of receipt. Students returning to school after absence must bring a note from their parents. see also promissory note
  15. 9[countable] (technology) an official letter from the representative of one government to another an exchange of diplomatic notes
  16. Idioms
    compare notes (with somebody)
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    if two or more people compare notes, they each say what they think about the same event, situation, etc. We saw the play separately and compared notes afterward.
    hit/strike the right/wrong note
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    to do, say, or write something that is suitable/not suitable for a particular occasion It is a bizarre tale and the author hits just the right note of horror and disbelief.
    of importance or of great interest a scientist of note The museum contains nothing of great note.
    sound/strike a note (of something)
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    to express feelings or opinions of a particular kind She sounded a note of caution in her speech. The touch of cynicism struck a slightly sour note.
    take note (of something)
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    to pay attention to something and be sure to remember it Take note of what he says. Under the new rules the penalty for illegal play is increased. Players take note.
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