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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they occupy
    he / she / it occupies
    past simple occupied
    -ing form occupying
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  1. 1occupy something to fill or use a space, an area, or an amount of time synonym take up something The bed seemed to occupy most of the room. How much memory does the program occupy? Administrative work occupies half of my time.
  2. 2occupy something (formal) to live or work in a room, house, or building He occupies an office on the 12th floor.
  3. 3occupy something to enter a place in a large group and take control of it, especially by military force The capital has been occupied by the rebel army. Protesting students occupied the TV station.
  4. 4to fill your time or keep you busy doing something occupy somebody/something/yourself a game that will occupy the kids for hours Problems at work continued to occupy his mind for some time. occupy somebody/something/yourself with somebody/something She occupied herself with routine office tasks. occupy somebody/something/yourself doing something She occupied herself doing routine office tasks.
  5. 5occupy something to have an official job or position synonym hold The president occupies the position for four years. jobs that have traditionally been occupied by men
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