Definition of oneself pronoun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


1 (the reflexive form of one) used as the object of a verb or preposition when “one” is the subject of the verb or is understood as the subjectOne has to ask oneself what the purpose of the exercise is.One cannot choose freedom for oneself without choosing it for others.It is difficult to make oneself concentrate for long periods.2 used to emphasize oneOne likes to do it One and oneself are very formal words and now sound old-fashioned. It is much more usual to use you and yourself for referring to people in general and I and myself when the speaker is referring to himself or herself.IDIOMS

be oneself

to be in a normal state of body and mind, not influenced by other people
One needs space to be oneself

(all) by oneself

1 alone; without anyone else2 without helpby oneselfall by oneself

(all) to oneself

not shared with anyone
to oneselfall to oneself
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