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  1. 1[countable] your feelings or thoughts about someone or something, rather than a fact synonym view opinion (about/of/on somebody/something) We were invited to give our opinions about how the work should be done. I've recently changed my opinion of her. Everyone had an opinion on the subject. opinion (that…) The chairman expressed the opinion that job losses were inevitable. He has very strong political opinions. In my opinion, it's a very sound investment. (formal) It is our opinion that he should resign. If you want my opinion, I think you'd be crazy not to accept.
  2. 2[uncountable] the beliefs or views of a group of people legal/medical/political opinion (= the beliefs of people working in the legal, etc. profession) There is a difference of opinion (= people disagree) as to the merits of the plan. Opinion is divided on the issue. There is a wide body of opinion that supports this proposal. Which is the better choice is a matter of opinion (= people have different opinions about it). see also public opinion
  3. 3[countable] advice from a professional person They called in a psychologist to give an independent opinion. I'd like a second opinion (= advice from another person) before I make a decision.
  4. Language Bankopiniongiving your personal opinion In my opinion, everyone should have some understanding of science. Everyone should, in my opinion, have some understanding of science. It seems to me that many people in this country have a flawed understanding of science. This is, in my view, the result of a failure of the scientific community to get its message across. Another reason why so many people have such a poor understanding of science is, I believe, the lack of adequate funding for science in schools. Smith argues that science is separate from culture. My own view is that science belongs with literature, art, philosophy, and religion as an integral part of our culture. In this writer's opinion, the more the public knows about science, the less they will fear and distrust it.Idioms
    be of the opinion that… (formal)
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    to believe or think that… We are strongly of the opinion that great caution should be exercised in dealing with this matter.
    your considered opinion
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    your opinion that is the result of careful thought
    have a good, bad, high, low, etc. opinion of somebody/something
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    to think that someone or something is good, bad, etc. The boss has a very high opinion of her.
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