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    [countable, uncountable] (pl. opportunities)
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  1. 1  a time when a particular situation makes it possible to do or achieve something synonym chance
  2. 2 opportunity (to do something) You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions at the end. This is the perfect opportunity to make a new start. opportunity (for something/for doing something) There was no opportunity for further discussion. There'll be plenty of opportunity for relaxing once the work is done. opportunity (of doing something) At least give him the opportunity of explaining what happened. Our company promotes equal opportunities for women (= women are given the same jobs, pay, etc. as men). an equal opportunity employer career/employment/job opportunities The offer was too good an opportunity to miss. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues for their support. He is rude to me at every opportunity (= whenever possible). They intend to close the school at the earliest opportunity (= as soon as possible). a window of opportunity (= a period of time when the circumstances are right for doing something) see also photo opportunity