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  1. 1a part of the body that has a particular purpose, such as the heart or the brain; part of a plant with a particular purpose the internal organs the sense organs (= the eyes, ears, nose, etc.) the sexual/reproductive organs an organ transplant/donor
  2. 2(especially humorous) a penis the male organ
  3. 3(also pipe organ) a large musical instrument with keys like a piano. Sounds are produced by air forced through pipes She plays the organ in church. organ music compare harmonium
  4. 4a musical instrument similar to a pipe organ, but without pipes an electric organ see also barrel organ,
  5. 5(formal) an official organization that is part of a larger organization and has a special purpose the organs of government
  6. 6(formal) a newspaper or magazine that gives information about a particular group or organization; a means of communicating the views of a particular group The People's Daily is the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party. the organs of public opinion (= for example, newspapers, television, radio) see also house organ
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