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  1. 1used to state what the result would be if something did not happen or if the situation were different My parents lent me the money. Otherwise, I couldn't have afforded the trip. Shut the window, otherwise it'll get too cold in here. We're committed to the project. We wouldn't be here otherwise.
  2. 2apart from that There was some music playing upstairs. Otherwise the house was silent. He was slightly bruised but otherwise unhurt.
  3. 3in a different way to the way mentioned; differently Bismarck,otherwise known as“the Iron Chancellor” It is not permitted to sell or otherwise distribute copies of past examination papers. You know what this is about. Why pretend otherwise (= that you do not)? I wanted to see him but he was otherwise engaged (= doing something else).
  4. Idioms
    know different/differently/otherwise (informal)
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    to have information or evidence that the opposite is true He says he doesn't care about what the critics write, but I know different.
    or otherwise
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    used to refer to something that is different from or the opposite of what has just been mentioned It was necessary to discover the truth or otherwise of these statements. We insure against all damage, accidental or otherwise.
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