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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they overlook
    he / she / it overlooks
    past simple overlooked
    -ing form overlooking
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  1. 1overlook something to fail to see or notice something He seems to have overlooked one important fact. In my hurry to finish the exam I had overlooked part of one of the questions.
  2. 2overlook something to see something wrong or bad but decide to ignore it synonym turn a blind eye (to something) We could not afford to overlook such a serious offense. He's so friendly people are prepared to overlook his faults.
  3. 3overlook something if a building, etc. overlooks a place, you can see that place from the building a restaurant overlooking the lake Our backyard is overlooked by several houses.
  4. 4overlook somebody (for something) to not consider someone for a job or position, even though they might be suitable synonym pass somebodyover She's been overlooked for promotion several times.

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