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    official document
  1. 1an official document or ticket that shows that you have the right to enter or leave a place, to travel on a bus or train, etc. a boarding pass (= for a plane) There is no admittance without a security pass. see also bus pass
  2. of ball
  3. 2(in some sports) an act of hitting or throwing the ball to another player in your team a long pass to the corner a back pass to the goalkeeper
  4. in exam
  5. 3a successful result in an exam The exams are graded honors, pass or fail.
  6. through mountains
  7. 4a road or way over or through mountains a mountain pass They came over the top of the pass and started down towards the coast.
  8. moving past/over
  9. 5an act of going or moving past or over something The helicopter made several passes over the village before landing.
  10. stage in process
  11. 6a stage in a process, especially one that involves separating things from a larger group In the first pass all the addresses are loaded into the database.
  12. Idioms
    come to such a pass, come to a pretty pass (old-fashioned or humorous)
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    to reach a sad or difficult state I never thought things would come to such a pass as this. Things have come to a pretty pass when we can't afford to pay the heating bills!
    make a pass at somebody (informal)
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    to try to start a sexual relationship with someone
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