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  1. 1a short piece of wood, metal, or plastic used for holding things together, hanging things on, marking a position, etc. There's a peg near the door to hang your coat on. Mark the boundary with pegs.
  2. 2(also tent peg) a small pointed piece of wood or metal that you attach to the ropes of a tent and push into the ground in order to hold the tent in place
  3. 3(also tuning peg) a wooden, metal, or plastic screw used for making the strings of a musical instrument tighter or looser
  4. Idioms
    bring/take somebody down a peg (or two)
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    to make someone realize that they are not as good, important, etc. as they think they are He needed to be taken down a peg or two.
    a peg to hang something on
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    something that gives you an excuse or opportunity to discuss or explain something The character provides a peg to hang the writer's political ideas on.
    a square peg (in a round hole) (informal)
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    a person who does not feel happy or comfortable in a particular situation, or who is not suitable for it
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