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    your own
  1. 1[only before noun] your own; not belonging to or connected with anyone else personal effects/belongings/possessions personal details (= your name, age, etc.) Of course, this is just a personal opinion. The novel is written from personal experience. Use stencils to add a few personal touches to walls and furniture. All rental cars are for personal use only.
  2. feelings/character/relationships
  3. 2[only before noun] connected with individual people, especially their feelings, characters, and relationships Having good personal relationships is the most important thing for me. He was popular as much for his personal qualities as for his management skills.
  4. not official
  5. 3not connected with a person's job or official position The letter was marked “Personal.” I'd like to talk to you about a personal matter. I try not to let work interfere with my personal life. She's a personal friend of mine (= not just somebody I know because of my job). Please keep personal phone calls to a minimum.
  6. done by person
  7. 4[only before noun] done by a particular person rather than by someone who is acting for them The President made a personal appearance at the event. I shall give the matter my personal attention. She takes a personal interest in the work of the charity. The Principal has little personal contact with the students.
  8. done for person
  9. 5[only before noun] made or done for a particular person rather than for a large group of people or people in general We offer a personal service to all our customers. a personal pension plan (= a pension offered by a private company to one particular person) Will you do it for me as a personal favor?
  10. offensive
  11. 6referring to a particular person's character, appearance, opinions, etc. in a way that is offensive Try to avoid making personal remarks. There's no need to get personal! Nothing personal (= I do not wish to offend you), but I do have to go now.
  12. connected with body
  13. 7[only before noun] connected with a person's body personal cleanliness/hygiene She's always worrying about her personal appearance. This insurance policy covers you against personal injury or death.
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