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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they place
    he / she / it places
    past simple placed
    -ing form placing
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    in position
  1. 1[transitive] place something + adv./prep. to put something in a particular place, especially when you do it carefully or deliberately He placed his hand on her shoulder. A bomb had been placed under the seat. The parking lots in the town are few, but strategically placed.
  2. in situation
  3. 2[transitive] place somebody/yourself + adv./prep. (more formal than put) to put someone/yourself in a particular situation to place someone in command She was placed in the care of an uncle. His resignation placed us in a difficult position. The job places great demands on me. He has placed himself above party politics.
  4. attitude
  5. 3[transitive] place something (on something/doing something) used to express the attitude someone has toward someone or something Great emphasis is placed on education. They place a high value on punctuality.
  6. recognize
  7. 4[transitive] place somebody/something (usually used in negative sentences) to recognize someone or something and be able to identify them/it I've seen her before but I just can't place her. His accent was impossible to place.
  8. bet/order/advertisement
  9. 5[transitive] place something to give instructions about something or make a request for something to happen to place a bet/an order We placed an advertisement for a housekeeper in the local paper.
  10. find home/job
  11. 6[transitive] to find a suitable home, job, etc. for someone place somebody (with somebody/something) The children were placed with foster parents. place somebody (in something) The agency placed about 2,000 secretaries last year.
  12. give rank
  13. 7[transitive] place somebody/something + adv./prep. to decide that someone or something has a particular position or rank compared with other people or things I would place her among the top five tennis players in the world. Nursing attracts people who place relationships high on their list of priorities.
  14. in race
  15. 8[intransitive] place first, second, third, etc. used to describe a person, a team, or a horse, etc. finishing in a particular position in a race He placed fifth in last Saturday's race.
  16. 9[intransitive] (used about a horse) to be among the first three to finish the race, usually in second place His horse placed in the last race.
  17. Idioms
      be well, ideally, uniquely, better, etc. placed for something/to do something
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    1. 1to be in a good, very good, etc. position or have a good, etc. opportunity to do something Engineering majors are well placed for a wide range of jobs. The company is ideally placed to take advantage of the new legislation.
    2. 2to be located in a pleasant or convenient place The hotel is well placed for restaurants, bars, and clubs.
    put/place/set a premium on somebody/something
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    to think that someone or something is particularly important or valuable The company places a high premium on initiative.
    to put/place somebody on a pedestal
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    to admire someone so much that you do not see their faults
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