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    electrical equipment
  1. 1 a small plastic object with two or three metal pins that connects a piece of electrical equipment to the main supply of electricity a three-pin plug
  2. 2a small object that connects a wire from one piece of electrical equipment to an opening in another the plug from the computer to the printer
  3. in engine
  4. 3= spark plug
  5. in bath/sink
  6. 4 a thick round piece of plastic, rubber, or metal that you put in the hole in a bathtub or a sink to stop the water from flowing out She pulled out the plug and let the water drain away. synonyms at lid
  7. in hole
  8. 5 a round piece of material that fits into a hole and blocks it She took the plug of cotton from her ear. see also earplug
  9. 6 = stopper
  10. for screw
  11. 7a small plastic tube that you put into a hole in a wall so that it will hold a screw
  12. for book/movie
  13. 8 (informal) praise or attention that someone gives to a new book, movie, etc. in order to encourage people to buy or see it He managed to get in a plug for his new book.
  14. Thesauruslidtop cork cap plugThese are all words for a cover for a container.lid a cover over a container that can be removed or opened by twisting or lifting it off:a jar with a tight-fitting lidtop a thing that you put over the end of something such as a pen or bottle in order to close itcork a small round object made of cork or plastic that is used for closing bottles, especially wine bottlescap (often in compounds) a top for something such as a bottle, or a protective cover for something such as the lens of a cameraplug a round piece of material that you put into a hole in order to block it; a flat round rubber or plastic thing that you put into the hole of a sink in order to stop the water from flowing out:a drain plugPatterns a tight-fitting lid/top/cap a screw top/cap a pen lid/top to put on/screw on/take off/unscrew the lid/top/cap to pull out the cork/plugIdioms
    pull the plug on somebody/something (informal)
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    to put an end to someone's project, a plan, etc. The television station pulled the plug on the series after only five episodes.
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