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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they plug
    he / she / it plugs
    past simple plugged
    -ing form plugging
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    fill hole
  1. 1plug something (up) to fill a hole with a substance or piece of material that fits tightly into it He plugged the hole in the pipe with an old rag.
  2. provide something missing
  3. 2plug something to provide something that has been missing from a particular situation and is needed in order to improve it A cheaper range of products was introduced to plug the gap at the lower end of the market.
  4. book/movie
  5. 3plug something to give praise or attention to a new book, movie, etc. in order to encourage people to buy it or see it synonym promote She came on the show to plug her latest album.
  6. shoot
  7. 4plug somebody (old-fashioned) (informal) to shoot someone
  8. Phrasal Verbsplug away (at something)plug somethinginplug something into somethingplug into something
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