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  1. 1[not before noun] in a position that is completely still but is ready to move at any moment poised (on, above, over, etc. something) Tina was tense, her hand poised over the telephone. He stopped writing and looked at me, pen poised. poised to do something The cat crouched in the grass, poised to jump.
  2. 2[not before noun] poised (in, on, above, etc. something) in a position that is balanced but likely to change in one direction or another The cup was poised on the edge of the chair. (figurative) The world stood poised between peace and war.
  3. 3[not before noun] completely ready for something or to do something synonym set poised for something The economy is poised for recovery. poised to do something The British team is poised to win the title. She is poised to become the highest-paid supermodel in the fashion world.
  4. 4having a calm and confident manner and in control of your feelings and behavior He is a remarkably poised young man. synonym assured
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