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  1. 1[countable] (often in compounds) a piece of wood or metal that is set in the ground in a vertical position, especially to support something or to mark a position corner posts (= that mark the corners of a sports field) The team's “net” was a piece of string tied to two posts. see also bedpost, gatepost, signpost
  2. job
  3. 2[countable] (formal) an important job, especially one in government synonym position a government/an academic post He has held the post for three years. She was offered a key post in the new government. He then took up a post as a surgeon at Mercy Hospital. Thesaurusjobposition post vacancy appointmentThese are all words for a position doing work for which you receive regular payment.job a position doing work for which you receive regular payment:He's trying to get a job at a bank.position (formal) a job:I would like to apply for a position in sales.job or position?Position usually refers to a particular job within an organization, and is not usually used about about jobs generally. It is also often used in job applications, descriptions, and (formal) an important job, especially one in government:She was offered a key post in the new government.vacancy a job that is available for someone to do:We have several vacancies for nurses.appointment (somewhat formal) a job or position of responsibility:After two years, you will become eligible for a permanent appointment.Patterns a permanent/temporary job/position/post/vacancy/appointment a full-time/part-time job/position/post/vacancy/appointment to have/have got a(n) job/position/post/vacancy/appointment to apply for/fill a job/position/post/vacancy to resign from/leave/quit a job/position/post
  4. 3[countable] an act of sending someone to a particular place to do their job, especially for a limited period of time an overseas post The island is rated by diplomats as a hardship post (= one that people do not like to be sent to because it is not a very comfortable place to live).
  5. for soldier/guard
  6. 4[countable] the place where someone, especially a soldier, does their job a police/customs/military post an observation post The guards were ordered not to leave their posts. Three soldiers were shot dead at a border post. see also command post, staging post, trading post
  7. Internet
  8. 5(also posting) [countable] (computing) a message sent to a discussion group on the Internet; a piece of writing that forms part of a blog That forum does not allow posts from nonmembers. a blog post I love reading her posts because I learn so much. She wrote a great post about the experience on her blog.
  9. end of race
  10. 6the post [singular] the place where a race finishes, especially in horse racing
  11. in sports
  12. 7[countable, usually singular] = goalpost The ball hit the post and bounced in.
  13. Idioms
    be driven, pushed, etc. from pillar to post
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    to be forced to go from one person or situation to another without achieving anything Morale is very low. People have just had enough of being thrown from pillar to post.
    (as) deaf as a post (informal)
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    very deaf
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