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    connected with real things
  1. 1connected with real situations rather than with ideas or theories to have gained practical experience of the work practical advice/help/support practical problems There are some obvious practical applications of the research. In practical terms, it means spending less. From a practical point of view, it isn't a good place to live. compare theoretical
  2. likely to work
  3. 2(of an idea, a method, or a course of action) right or sensible; likely to be successful synonym workable It wouldn't be practical for us to go all that way just for the weekend. It was difficult to find a practical solution to the problem. opposite impractical
  4. useful
  5. 3(of things) useful or suitable a practical little car, ideal for the city Cool, loose-fitting clothes are practical in a hot climate. opposite impractical
  6. sensible
  7. 4(of a person) sensible and realistic Let's be practical and work out the cost first. opposite impractical
  8. good at making things
  9. 5(of a person) good at making or repairing things synonym handy Bob's very practical. He does all the odd jobs around the house.
  10. almost total
  11. 6[only before noun] almost complete or total synonym virtual She married a practical stranger. They're a practical certainty to win the game.
  12. Idioms
    for (all) practical purposes
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    used when you are stating what the reality of a situation is There's still another ten minutes of the game to go, but for practical purposes it's already over.