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    , NAmE//proʊˈkleɪm//
    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they proclaim
    he / she / it proclaims
    past simple proclaimed
    -ing form proclaiming
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  1. 1to publicly and officially tell people about something important synonym declare proclaim something The president proclaimed a state of emergency. The day was proclaimed a public holiday. proclaim that… The charter proclaimed that all states would have their own government. proclaim somebody/something/yourself + noun He proclaimed himself emperor. proclaim somebody/something/yourself to be/have something Steve checked the battery and proclaimed it to be dead. proclaim how, what, etc… The senator proclaimed how shocked he was at the news. + speech “We will succeed,” she proclaimed.
  2. 2(formal) to show something clearly; to be a sign of something proclaim something This building, more than any other, proclaims the character of the town. proclaim somebody/something + noun His accent proclaimed him a Southerner. proclaim somebody/something to be/have something His accent proclaimed him to be a Southerner.
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