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  1. 1an idea or a plan of action that is suggested, especially in business I'd like to put a business proposition to you. He was trying to make it look like an attractive proposition.
  2. 2a thing that you intend to do; a problem or task to be dealt with synonym matter Getting a work permit is not always a simple proposition.
  3. 3Proposition (informal) (abbreviation Prop) a suggested change to the law that people can vote on One of the propositions up for vote in California is proposition 1-A. Vote “No” to Prop 16 (= on a sign).
  4. 4(formal) a statement that expresses an opinion Her assessment is based on the proposition that power corrupts.
  5. 5(mathematics) a statement of a theorem, and an explanation of how it can be proved
  6. propositional
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  7. NAmE//ˌprɑpəˈzɪʃənl//
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