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put in

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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    put somethingin

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  1. 1to place equipment or furniture into position so that it can be used synonym install We're having a new shower put in.
  2. 2to include something in a letter, story, etc.
  3. 3to interrupt another speaker in order to say something Could I put in a word? + speech “But what about us?” he put in.
  4. 4to officially make a claim, request, etc. The company has put in a claim for damages.
  5. 5put in a (…) performance to give a performance of something, especially one of a particular kind All the actors put in great performances.
  6. 6(also put something into something) to spend a lot of time or make a lot of effort doing something She often puts in twelve hours' work a day. put something into doing something He's putting a lot of work into improving his French. related noun input
  7. 7(also put something into something) to use or give money put something into doing something He's put all his savings into buying that house.

put in (at…)


put into…

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(of a boat or its sailors) to enter a port We put in at Syracuse and stayed there for three days.