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put out

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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    put somebody out

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  1. 1to cause someone trouble, extra work, etc. synonym inconvenience I hope our arriving late didn't put them out.
  2. 2be put out to be upset or offended He was really put out.
  3. 3to make someone unconscious These pills should put him out for a few hours.
  4. 4[usually passive] to cause a baseball player to stop hitting or running because of a play made by the other team He was put out just before he got to third base.
  5. 5[usually passive] to defeat someone in a sports competition so that they can no longer compete She was put out by Serena Williams in the fourth round.

    put somethingout

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  1. 1to take something out of your house and leave it, for example for someone to collect to put the garbage/trash out
  2. 2to place something where it will be noticed and used Have you put out clean towels for the guests?
  3. 3to stop something from burning or shining to put out a candle/cigarette/light Firefighters soon put the fire out.
  4. 4to produce something, especially for sale The factory puts out 500 new cars a week. related noun output
  5. 5to publish or broadcast something Police have put out a description of the man they wish to question.
  6. 6to make a figure, result, etc. wrong The rise in interest rates put our estimates out by several thousands.
  7. 7(formal put somethingforth) to develop or produce new leaves, shoots, etc.

put out (to…/from…)

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(of a boat or its sailors) to leave a port to put out to sea We put out from Bayonne.
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