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  1. 1[countable, usually singular] range (of something) a variety of things of a particular type The hotel offers a wide range of facilities. There is a full range of activities for kids. This material is available in a huge range of colors.
  2. limits
  3. 2[countable, usually singular] the limits between which something varies Most of the students are in the 17-20 age range. There will be an increase in the range of 0 to 3 percent. It's difficult to find a house in our price range (= that we can afford). This was outside the range of his experience.
  4. distance
  5. 3[countable, uncountable] the distance over which something can be seen or heard The child was now out of her range of vision (= not near enough for her to see).
  6. 4[countable, uncountable] the distance over which a gun or other weapon can hit things These missiles have a range of 300 miles. see also close-range, long-range, short-range
  7. 5[countable] the distance that a vehicle will travel before it needs more fuel
  8. music
  9. 6[countable, usually singular] all of the notes that a person's voice or a musical instrument can produce, from high to low She was gifted with an incredible vocal range.
  10. ability
  11. 7[countable, usually singular] the full extent of a person's knowledge or abilities Those two movies give some indication of his range as an actor.
  12. of mountains
  13. 8[countable] a line or group of mountains or hills the great mountain range of the Alps
  14. for shooting
  15. 9[countable] an area of land where people can practice shooting or where bombs, etc. can be tested a shooting range A device was exploded at the main nuclear testing range. see also driving range, rifle range
  16. of products
  17. 10[countable] a set of products of a particular type synonym line our new range of hair products see also midrange, top of the line
  18. stove
  19. 11  a large piece of equipment for cooking food, containing an oven and gas or electric rings on top synonym stove Cook the meat on a low heat on top of the range.
  20. for cows
  21. 12the range [singular] a large open area for keeping cows, etc. see also free-range
  22. Idioms
    in/within range (of something)
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    near enough to be reached, seen, or heard He shouted angrily at anyone within range.
    out of range (of something)
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    too far away to be reached, seen, or heard The cat stayed well out of range of the children. She hid away in her house, out of range of prying eyes.
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