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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they rank
    he / she / it ranks
    past simple ranked
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  1. 1(not used in the progressive tenses)
  2. give position
  3. 2[transitive, intransitive] to give someone or something a particular position on a scale according to quality, importance, success, etc.; to have a position of this kind rank somebody/something (+ adv./prep.) The tasks have been ranked in order of difficulty. She is currently the highest ranked player in the world. top-ranked players rank somebody/something as something Voters regularly rank education as being more important than defense. rank (somebody/something) + adj. Last year, he was ranked second in his age group. At the height of her career she ranked second in the world. rank somebody/something + noun The university is ranked number one in the country for engineering. rank as something It certainly doesn't rank as his greatest win. (+ adv./prep.) The restaurant ranks among the finest in town. This must rank with (= be as good as) the greatest movies ever made. Health and education rank highly with voters.
  4. put in line/row
  5. 3[transitive, usually passive] rank something to arrange objects in a line or row
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