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  1. 1not cooked raw meat These fish are often eaten raw.
  2. materials
  3. 2[usually before noun] in its natural state; not yet changed, used, or made into something else raw sugar
  4. information
  5. 3[usually before noun] not yet organized into a form in which it can be easily used or understood This information is only raw data and will need further analysis.
  6. emotions/qualities
  7. 4[usually before noun] powerful and natural; not controlled or trained songs full of raw emotion He started with nothing but raw talent and determination.
  8. part of body
  9. 5red and painful because the skin has been damaged There were raw patches on her feet where the shoes had rubbed. Thesauruspainfulsore raw inflamed infected excruciating burning itchyThese words all describe something that causes you physical pain.painful causing you physical pain Painful can describe a part of the body, an illness, an injury, a treatment, or a death:Is your knee still painful? a series of painful injections a slow and painful deathsore (of a part of the body) painful and often red, especially because of infection or being used too much:a sore throat Their feet were sore after hours of walking.raw (of a part of the body) red and painful, for example because of an infection or because the skin has been damaged:The skin on her heels had been rubbed raw.inflamed (of a part of the body) painful, swollen, and hot because of an infection or injury:If your tonsils become inflamed, you should see a doctor.infected containing harmful bacteria:The wound became infected.excruciating extremely painful Excruciating can describe feelings, treatments, or death but not parts of the body:an excruciating throat/back/knee.burning painful and giving a feeling of being very hot:She felt a burning sensation in her throat.itchy giving an uncomfortable feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch; having this feeling:an itchy rash I feel itchy all over.Patterns sore/inflamed/itchy eyes raw/inflamed/itchy skin a painful/an excruciating death a painful/burning sensation excruciating/burning pain
  10. person
  11. 6[usually before noun] new to a job or an activity, and therefore without experience or skill a raw beginner raw recruits (= for example, in the army)
  12. weather
  13. 7very cold a raw north wind It had been a wet raw winter.
  14. description
  15. 8honest, direct, and sometimes shocking a raw portrayal of working-class life raw language (= containing many sexual details)
    noun [uncountable]
  17. Idioms the fact of someone being treated unfairly Older workers often get a raw deal.
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