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    (readier, readiest)
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  1. 1[not before noun] fully prepared for what you are going to do Are you almost ready? “Let's go!” “I'm ready when you are!” ready for something I'm just getting the kids ready for school. I was twenty years old and ready for anything. I'm not sure if Karen is ready for marriage yet. ready to do something We're ready to go. Volunteers were ready and waiting to pack the food in boxes.
  2. 2[not before noun] completed and available to be used Come on, dinner's ready! The new building should be ready by 2015. ready for something Can you help me get everything ready for the party? ready to do something The contract will be ready to sign in two weeks.
  3. 3available to be used easily and immediately All the relevant records are easily available ready to hand. a ready supply of wood a ready source of income see also readily, readiness, rough-and-ready
  4. willing
  5. 4[not before noun] willing and quick to do or give something ready for something I was very angry and ready for a fight. ready with something She's always ready with advice. ready to do something He's always ready to help his friends. Don't be so ready to believe the worst about people.
  6. likely to do something
  7. 5ready to do something likely to do something very soon synonym on the point of She looked ready to collapse at any minute.
  8. needing something
  9. 6ready for something needing something as soon as possible I'm ready for bed. After the long walk, we were all ready for something to drink.
  10. quick/smart
  11. 7[only before noun] quick and smart She has great charm and a ready wit.
  12. Idioms
    make ready (for something) (formal)
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    to prepare to make ready for the president's visit
    (get) ready, (get) set, go!
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    what you say to tell people to start a race
    ready to roll (informal)
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    ready to start The show is just about ready to roll.
    ready, willing, and able
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    capable of doing something and very willing to act Are you ready, willing, and able to work?
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