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    (redder, reddest)
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  1. 1 having the color of blood or fire a red car The light (= traffic light) changed to red before I could get across.
  2. 2(of the eyes) bloodshot (= with thin lines of blood in them) or surrounded by red or very pink skin Her eyes were red from crying.
  3. 3 (of the face) bright red or pink, especially because you are angry, embarrassed, or ashamed He babbled something and got very red in the face. She was red as a beet.
  4. 4 (of hair or an animal's fur) red-brown in color a red-haired girl red deer see also redhead
  5. 5(informal) (sometimes disapproving) (politics) having very left-wing political opinions
  6. 6 (politics) (of an area in the U.S.) having more people who vote for the Republican candidate than the Democratic one red states/counties opposite blue
    noun [uncountable, singular] You may notice redness and swelling after the injection.
  8. Idioms
    like waving a red flag in front of a bull
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    something that is likely to make someone very angry
    paint the town (red) (informal)
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    to go to a lot of different bars, clubs, etc. and enjoy yourself
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