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relies, relying, relied, relied

rely on/upon someone/something

1 to need or depend on someone or somethingAs babies, we rely entirely on others for food. rely to do somethingThese days we rely heavily on computers to organize our work. rely doing somethingThe industry relies on the price of raw materials remaining low.2 to trust or have faith in someone or somethingYou should rely on your own judgment. rely to do somethingYou can rely on me to keep your secret.He can't be relied on to tell the truth.rely onrely upon
Usage noteUsage note: trustdepend on someone/something rely on someone/something count on someone/something believe in someoneThese words all mean to believe that someone or something will do what you hope or expect of them, or that what someone tells you is correct or to believe that someone is good, honest, sincere, etc. and that they will do what you expect of them or do the right thing; to believe that something is true or correct: You can trust me not to tell anyone. Don't trust what you read in the newspapers!depend on/upon someone/something (often used with can/cannot/could/could not) to trust someone or something to do what you expect or want, to do the right thing, or to be true or correct: He was the sort of person you could depend on. I can't depend on my own strength ever since I got sick.rely on/upon someone/something (used especially with can/cannot/could/could not and should/should not) to trust someone or something to do what you expect or want, or to be honest, correct, or good enough: Can I rely on you to keep this secret? You can't rely on any data you get from, depend, or rely on/upon someone/something?You can trust someone's judgment or advice, but not their support. You can depend on someone's support, judgment, or advice.Rely on/upon someone/something is used especially with you can/could or you should to give advice or a promise:I don't really rely on his judgment. You can't really rely on his judgment.count on someone/something (often used with can/cannot/could/could not) to be sure that someone will do what you need them to do, or that something will happen as you want it to happen: I'm counting on you to help me. We can't count on the weather.believe in someone to feel that you can trust someone and/or that they will be successful: They need a leader they can believe in.patternsto trust/depend on/rely on/count on someone/something to do somethingto trust/believe in someone/somethingto trust/depend on/rely on/count on someone's advice/judgmentto depend on/rely on/count on someone's supportto trust/depend on/rely on/believe in someone/something completelyUsage noteUsage note: relyrely verbto need something or someone and not be able to live or work well without it/him/herheavily|entirely, exclusively, solely|mainly, mostly, primarily, principally|extensivelyThe author relies heavily on the primary sources of the literature.tend toLarger volume commercial fruit and vegetable growers tend to rely on migrant labor to harvest crops.reliability nounascertain, assess, evaluate|improve|ensure|maximizeTo ensure the reliability of the experiments, all experiments were repeated two to three times.a degree of ~|a level of ~Higher-accuracy instruments provide increased levels of reliability and confidence.reliable adjectivescientifically, statistically|highly|fairly, reasonably, sufficientlyThe data set used is too small to yield statistically reliable conclusions.indicator, predictor|estimate|sourceThe authors conclude that consumer credit is one of the most reliable indicators of an advanced civilization.proveTall buildings soak up radio waves, so landline communications might prove more reliable.unreliable adjectiveinherently, intrinsically|notoriously|demonstrably|wholly|potentially|statisticallyForecasters are notoriously unreliable at predicting things like the next wave of technological change.These models were statistically unreliable because of the very small sample sizes.render somethingTechnical difficulties in the design of experiments render data unreliable.provePrior efforts to identify this disorder proved unreliable and nounplace|question|decrease, lessen, reduce|necessitate|preclude|entailThese findings suggest that new industries lessen reliance on agriculture.excessive, heavy, inordinate, undue|exclusiveThe almost exclusive reliance on memoirs and letters tells us how strongly the biographical element dominates Frank's work.