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    (formal)Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they renounce
    he / she / it renounces
    past simple renounced
    -ing form renouncing
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  1. 1renounce something to state officially that you are no longer going to keep a title, position, etc. synonym give somethingup to renounce a claim/title/privilege/right Will Charles renounce the throne in favor of his son?
  2. 2renounce something to state publicly that you no longer have a particular belief or that you will no longer behave in a particular way to renounce ideals/principles/beliefs, etc. a joint declaration renouncing the use of violence Many were executed for refusing to renounce their religion.
  3. 3renounce somebody/something to state publicly that you no longer wish to have a connection with someone or something because you disapprove of them synonym disown He had renounced his former associates. see also renunciation
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