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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they rescue
    he / she / it rescues
    past simple rescued
    -ing form rescuing
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  1.  to save someone or something from a dangerous or harmful situation rescue somebody/something from something/somebody He rescued a child from drowning. The house was rescued from demolition. You rescued me from an embarrassing situation. The bank rescued the company from bankruptcy. rescue somebody/something They were eventually rescued by helicopter. rescue somebody/something + adj. She had despaired of ever being rescued alive. Thesaurussaverescue bail somebody out come through (for somebody)These words all mean to prevent someone from dying, losing something, being harmed, or being to prevent someone from dying, being harmed or destroyed, or losing something:Doctors were unable to save him. a campaign to save the panda from extinctionrescue to save someone from a dangerous or harmful situation:They were rescued by a passing cruise ship.bail somebody out to rescue someone from a difficult situation, especially by providing money:Don't expect me to bail you out if it all goes wrong.come through (for somebody) (somewhat informal) to prevent disaster for someone:My sister really came through for me when I lost my job.Patterns to save/rescue somebody/something from something to rescue somebody/bail somebody out financially
  2. NAmE//ˈreskyuər//
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