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retail therapy

[uncountable] (usually humorous)
the act of going shopping and buying things in order to make yourself feel more cheerful
I was ready for a little retail therapy.
Usage noteUsage note: Shoppinggoing shoppinggo/go out/be out shoppinggo to a store/the mall/a shopping centerdo the grocery shopping/a bit of window-shopping(informal) hit/hang out at the malltry on clothes/shoes(informal) indulge in some retail therapygo on a spending spreecut/cut back on/reduce your spendingbe/get caught shopliftingdonate something to/take something to/find something in a thrift storebuy/sell/find something at a garage sale/a yard sale/a flea marketfind/get/pick up a bargainat the storeload/push/wheel a (grocery) cartstand in/wait in the checkout linestand in line at the checkout/the registerbag (your) groceriesstock/restock the shelves at a store (with something)be (found) on/appear on supermarket/store shelvesbe in/have in/be out of/run out of stockdeal with/help/serve customersrun a special promotionbe on sale/clearancebuying goodsmake/complete a purchaseorder/buy/purchase something online/by mail orderplace/take an order for somethingbuy/order something in bulk/in advanceaccept/take credit cardspay (in) cash/by (credit/debit) card/with a gift certificate/by checkenter your PIN (= personal identification number)ask for/get/obtain a receiptreturn/exchange an item/a productbe entitled to/ask for/demand a refundcompare pricesoffer (someone)/give (someone)/get/receive a 30% discountclip/save/use/print coupons
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