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1 to make something known to someone synonym disclose reveal something (to someone)to reveal a secretDetails of the murder were revealed by the local paper.The doctors did not reveal the truth to him.Salted peanuts were recently revealed as the nation's favorite snack.Her expression revealed nothing. reveal (that)…The report reveals (that) the company experienced a loss of $50 million last year. it is revealed that…It was revealed that important evidence had been suppressed. reveal how, what, etc.…Officers could not reveal how he died. reveal someone/something to be/have somethingSalted peanuts were recently revealed to be the nation's favorite snack.2 to show something that previously could not be seen synonym display reveal somethingHe laughed, revealing a line of white teeth.The door opened to reveal a cozy little room.X-rays revealed a fracture. reveal yourselfShe crouched in the dark, too frightened to reveal herself. see also revelation, revelatory
Usage noteUsage note: evidencegiving proofNew evidence has been found that/Studies have shown that TV advertising influences what children buy.It is clear from numerous studies that TV advertising influences what children buy.Recent research demonstrates that TV advertising influences children's spending habits.Many parents think that TV advertising influences their children. This view is supported by the findings of a recent study, which show a clear link between television advertisements and children's spending habits.The findings also reveal that most children are unaware of the persuasive purpose of advertising.Little evidence has been found that children understand the persuasive intent of advertising.The results contradict claims that advertising is unrelated to children's spending habits.Manufacturers argue that it is difficult to prove that advertising alone influences what children buy.⇨ Language Banks at argue, e.g., illustrate
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