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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they rip
    he / she / it rips
    past simple ripped
    -ing form ripping
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  1. 1[transitive, intransitive] to tear something or to become torn, often suddenly or violently rip (something) I ripped my jeans on the fence. The flags had been ripped in two. The nail ripped a hole in my jacket. I heard the tent rip. rip something + adj. She ripped the letter open.
  2. 2[transitive] rip something + adv./prep. to remove something quickly or violently, often by pulling it He ripped off his tie. We ripped the old carpeting off the stairs. Half of the house was ripped away in the explosion.
  3. 3[transitive] rip something (computing) to copy sound or video files from a Web site or CD on to a computer
  4. 4[transitive] (computing) = rasterize
  5. Idioms
    let rip (at somebody) (informal)
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    to speak or do something with great force, enthusiasm, etc. and without control When she gets angry with her boyfriend, she really lets rip at him. The group let rip with a single from their new album.
      let rip, let something rip (informal)
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    1. 1to go or allow something such as a car to go as fast as possible Once on the open road, he let rip. Come on Steve—let her rip.
    2. 2to do something or to allow something to happen as fast as possible This would cause inflation to let rip again.
    rip somebody/something apart/to shreds, etc.
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    to destroy something; to criticize someone very strongly
    tear/rip the heart out of something
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    to destroy the most important part or aspect of something Closing the factory tore the heart out of the community.
    tear/rip somebody limb from limb (often humorous)
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    to attack someone very violently
    Phrasal Verbsrip at somethingrip into somebody (for/with something)rip into/through somebody/somethingrip somebodyoffrip somethingoffrip somethingup
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